The Arts

Right-o, ‘the arts’ is a very broad term. It can be divided and sub-divided to infinity and beyond BUT this is how The Magic Bulletin breaks it down. The website has posts on theatre, film, music, reading, visual art, photography and the catch-all ‘Random’.

Posts in ‘Theatre’ include opera and dance (where there is a significant cross-over with theatre).

The ‘Reading’ category includes posts about books of all types as well as poetry, publishing in general and literary events.

You could argue that ‘Photography’ could be defined as a type of visual art but rather than lump them in together, you can take ‘Visual Art’ to be the more conventional painting, sculpture and mixed media variety.

‘Random’ includes dance and anything outside the other categories.

Some posts have multiple categories and so are included in the compilation for both. There is a separate reviews section (beside the arts on the main menu) but whatever play, film or gig is reviewed, it will also appear in the category to which it belongs.

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