Tango and ballet classes in Limerick

Limerick Tangois holding beginners classes every Thursday at 7.30pm and for the more experienced, thereare improvers classes after at 8.30pm. The venue is the Ecotree Space on Thomas Street (opposite Tadhg Kearney Jewellers).On the second Saturday of every month, there is a tango social night—El GatoNegro. You can start any week and the price list is: Individuals, €10 and €15for couples. For more information, see www.limericktango.com;email limericktango@gmail.com.

Just Breathing is a dance arts company formed in late 2010 with the aimof promoting dance in Limerick. They are particularly interested in getting non-dancers interested indance, and provide a platform for new and emerging artists. They hope to make ballet a more accessible art formthrough a series of workshops, classes, photo projects and performances.It’s great to see a new dance company fill some of the void left by Daghdha. This coming Saturday, January 21, it will start two sixweek courses in ballet at Studio 21, 84 O’Connell Street, Limerick (under Café Noir).

The first is course is called Ballet:Power and Fitness and there’s no actual dancing involved! “Instead weuse ballet exercises in a low impact one hour long workout. The course willstart from the very basic principles like how to hold your posture in neutralposition to a very simple workout and will break down and explain each exerciseand counter it with stretches to train your muscles to develop in length andstrength. As you progress within the course the classes will become more fluidand as your stamina increases the exercise intensity will increase with you. Theclasses are based on progression and are a fun way of keeping fit, flexible andtoned.” This runs from 11.30am to 12.30pm.

The second is CompleteBeginner’s Ballet for Adults. This course is “for adults who never gotthe chance to do ballet as a kid or who always wanted to do ballet but neverdid for whatever reason. We really believe it’s never too late to startlearning any form of dance! Over the course you will learn the terms andexercises that ballet dancers use every day in their training. We’ll start at avery basic level and build things up gradually over the course.” Thisruns from 1-2pm.

Thecost is €60 for six weeks (€48 for 3rd level students/unwaged). A discount is available for anyone who signs up to bothcourses. Drop-in classes are available at a cost of €12 per hour. However,since courses are based on progression they would encourage you to sign up forthe six weeks to really get the most benefit out of the classes. For more information see justbreathingarts.blogspot.com or see the Just Breathing Facebookpage or email justbreathingarts@gmail.com.