New children’s theatre, Spun, Oct 14-16

Spun pic1

Emma Fisher, designer, writer, puppeteer and performer, and Ann Blake, composer and performer, with the Umbrella Keeper from Spun.

Theatre is a large part of The Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival, which is going on through October here in Limerick. You can find out more in my past post and on the Lime Tree Theatre website but I just want to talk about a really exciting local production coming up next week—Spun.

Spun, running from Tuesday October 14 to Thursday 16, is presented by Beyond the Bark Puppet and Installation Theatre.

Spun is a magical story of friendship and imagination, told through puppetry, animation and song, suitable for children aged 2-6 years and beyond. Have you ever wondered where the stars go during the day?  I keep them in my umbrella,’ said the Star Keeper.  Sail to sea, fly through the air, cast a star to the skies and play with turtles and giraffes…This is the wonderful world at bath-time for Ciaran, a little Irish boy, and Piedva, his friendly spider. Piedva weaves a magical web in Ciaran’s imagination and takes him on an adventure all over the world.  Where will their journey take them?”

Founded by Emma Fisher, a Limerick puppeteer and theatre designer, Beyond the Bark has garnered very good reviews for its productions like Turning Turtles and The Bright Side of the Moon. Renowned international puppeteer, Liz Walker, directs Spun, “creating a gentle introduction to theatre which will transport young audiences into a magical world of adventure and imagination”.

Aside from working in an assortment of projects all over the country, Emma has played a part in many a local theatre production over the past six years through set design, costume design and puppetry. Her work on The Revengers Tragedy, Don Juan in Hell and The Fisherman’s Son in the Limerick Theatre Hub was phenomenal and she was nominated for a prestigious Irish Times Irish Theatre Award for set design in 2009.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 11.30.27I was really taken with her work on A Christmas Carol in 2012 (and I think the hundreds of kids who attended agreed) and more recently she has worked on Noyes Fludde and What Happened Bridgie Cleary.

Spun is also based on an original book by Emma and Thorey Mjallhvit H. Omarsdottir so it is obviously a very personal project.

I would be so bold as to say that Emma Fisher is one of the most creative individuals working in theatre in Limerick. We’re lucky to have her around because her vision has added a tremendous amount to the productions I’ve seen. Good luck to her and all involved in Spun!

If you and your little ones can weave your way to 69 O’Connell Street (former Belltable) this coming week, tickets are €8 and available on 061-774774 and