American Buffalo (and the Mamets)

I went to see American Buffalo by local theatre company, Magic Roundabout, on February 13 in The Loft and reviewed it for Irish Theatre Magazine. David Mamet’s work—particularly his edgy dialogue—never fails to entertain. Read my take on it here.

On a vaguely related matter, his daughter, Zosia Mamet, is one of the leads in Girls. Girls is HBO’s inspired comedy written by the outrageously talented, Lena Dunham. Like Mamet, she is something of a “profane poet” in her own way! Girls—which is in season two at present—is like the opposite of Sex and the City. It still focuses on four women living in New York, albeit in their early twenties, but deals with everything that is not glamorous about the situation.

It reminds me a lot of The Inbetweeners but better and instead of teenage boys, it’s all about women. There are some horrifically cringe-worthy scenes (some graphic; you have been warned!) and brilliant lines. Dunham’s willingness to embarass herself is truly admirable. It’s worth checking out.

American Plays at the Loft this week

A local theatrical stalwart, Torch Players, will presentAmerican Plays—one acts, The Pushcart Peddlers by Murray Schisgal and BobbyGould in Hell by David Mamet—at the Loft this week starting tonight (Tuesday,Nov 15) to Thursday Nov 17 at 8pm nightly (I heard that is sold out for Thursday).  
The Pushcart Peddlers (directed by group founder, MauriceO’Sullivan) is the story of a greenhorn conned into buying a banana business byan older and wiser con-woman. Hilarious complications arise when the con-womansets up a similar business in direct competition. In Bobby Gould in Hell(directed by Pius McGrath) the protagonist has died and gone to Hades, where heis questioned by a devilish character known as ‘the interrogator’. The play was described by The New York Times as “funny and pungent”.
The Torch Players were formed in 1976 and the group is stillgoing strong. I saw The Communication Cord by them in 2009 and it was veryentertaining, with a talented local cast. Schisgal and Mamet are both fineplaywrights, with a raft of awards between them, so the material should beinteresting.   
Tickets for American Plays are a bargain at €10 andavailable by calling/texting 085-2085737.