The Magic Bulletin is the illicit lovechild from an affair between a personal blog and a culture magazine.

My name is Rachael Finucane and I write the content. I’m a journalist by profession and a smart-arse by nature. I’m very interested in books, music, film, theatre, photography etc. I’m also a current affairs junkie who is by turns amused and incensed by Irish society.

Since I live in Limerick, I try to publicise local events but I don’t restrict myself in terms of geography or subject matter. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany… if you recognise that film quote, you and I will get along just fine!

I started blogging in 2009 under the title ‘Not Good For My Rage’. 289 posts and 36,548 views later, in early 2012, I got ideas above my station and decided to improve the blog. I’ve always wanted to run my own magazine—ideally without the hassle of managing people or paying for printing—so here we are!

The Magic Bulletin will always be a work in progress so I’m open to comments and suggestions. I moved all my posts over from a previous site so some minor things have been lost in translation i.e. the odd picture or spaces between words. Try not to let shoddy layout lessen your enjoyment…why not apply that to the whole site?!



You can also look me up on Linked In or Twitter.

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