When Breath Turns To Air… art exhibition 23-28 May

-1This art exhibition about death and dying is opening next Monday (23 May) in Limerick and it will expire (ahem, see what I did there) the following Saturday so be sure to check it out while you can.

When Breath Turns To Air… is presented by a collective called Kicking the Bucket—which facilitated a series of seminars/workshops in which participants creatively explored and discussed issues relating to illness, death and dying.

The show—which takes place in CB1 Gallery and ChristChurch, 51a O Connell Street (next to USIT and the White House Bar)—comprises personal expressions and work from the participants relating to illness, dying and death, which includes videos, paintings, drawings, death/life masks, memento mori, and coffins.

It will include contributions from Sinead Dinneen, Pauline Goggin, Maire Walsh, Tracy Fahy, Jennifer Moran Stritch, Holly Cowman, Margaret Hough, Pat Boland, Ali Baker Kerrigan, Donna Curtin and Katie Verling.

The blurb reads: “Neither grim nor macabre the exhibition reflects the title of the group – Kicking the Bucket, and is beautiful, provocative, fun, engaging and thought provoking. The aim of the exhibition is to prompt discussions about the inevitability of death and to encourage conversations with friends, families and the wider community.”

Katie Verling and Sinead Dineen devised Kicking the Bucket. Katie is an artistic director, and curator and Sinead is a visual artist, teacher and performer. They share a lively interest in end-of-life issues, an understanding of serious illness and cancer treatment. Sinead is currently in treatment for ovarian cancer while Katie received treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Kicking the Bucket is proudly funded by Milford Care Centre’s Compassionate Communities initiative.

When Breath Turns To Air… is opening Monday 23 May 23 at 7pm and runs Tuesday 24 May to Saturday 28 May, 11am-5pm daily.

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