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I’ve been meaning to do a post singing the praises of the library for a while and this week I have a great excuse. The Limerick City librarian, Dolores Doyle, is retiring this week and soon two others will leave too. City councillors at the Arts, Cultural and Sports SPC meeting on Monday paid tribute to Ms Doyle’s tremendous work over the years running and constantly improving the libraries at The Granary on Michael Street and Watch House Cross in Moyross. Best of luck to all of them in their future ventures.
I can’t say enough about the library…yes, I know I’m a big nerd! It provides a brilliant service for free and a lot of people just don’t realize how good it is. Aside from access to thousands of books, the city library offers a vast music library—with constant new additions. There is also a growing collection of DVDs, audio books and resources like Driving Test prep/language/reference materials. It has computers for members’ use, free wi-fi and a selection of newspapers (updated daily) and periodicals. The back issues of local papers are archived and on microfiche.
The libraries run regular events like lectures, classes, story time for kids/Children’s Book Week and book clubs. All the staff are extremely helpful and come up with themes and challenges to mix things up. Ms Doyle’s final report included an outline of the ‘Start Now’ initiative, which encourages parents to read to their children from the time they are born. Librarians will visit the Regional Maternity Hospital and everything.
Anyway, I could go on for ages about how I love reading (seriously, Enid Blyton practically babysat me as a child!) but I’d urge you to visit the library for yourself and take a look around. It has a lot on offer besides books…plus a s**t-load of actual books!
For more information on opening hours, membership and the catalogue, see

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