Cadbury’s Roses tins: An analogy for modern Ireland

Behold! Here we have that Christmas food staple: tins ofCadbury’s Roses. We were putting away the Christmas decorations and my motherkeeps some stuff in a old Roses tin so I did a comparison between the 2007 and2011 versions. I think this picture illustrates an analogy for Ireland.
<——For one, 2007 is bigger and bolder. The tin is 1.5kg; thedesign is more vivid and colourful. I think the tin cost at least a tenner (I’mgenerally right about random info like that because of my freakish memory forthese things). I remember the selection of sweets was larger and the ratio of‘nice’ sweets compared to say less popular options like fudge seemed to befairer. If I wore my rose-tinted glasses, I could say the sweets even tastedbetter…less like fear because we were all blissfully unaware of scary acronymslike NAMA and IMF. 
2011 has obviously been downsized. ————->
Two words: austeritymeasures. The tin was cheaper—as low as €5 in some supermarkets—but it is alsosignificantly smaller at 850g. I wonder how many Cadburys sold, because a lotof people can’t afford luxuries. The tin is a bit drab in its appearance. Thecolours don’t pop because the finish on the metal is matte. The shine is goneoff everything. There aren’t as many pleasant choices…you could say the (sweet)situation is totally fudged up.
I read a very good feature in the Irish Independent lastyear, which provided actual proof that a Twirl bar 10 years ago was bigger thanthe ones on sale today. Did cocoa prices take a leap? Yeah, I know it’s a smallthing BUT all those small things (insert own example >here<) add up toour lovely ‘Rip-Off Republic’.It’s a slippery slope. I bet Hitler started with reducing the size of Germandesserts and then BANG! World War II. I can’t prove it but maybe, just maybe…  
In the next instalment of “Is it just me or is everythingsh*t?” (There’s a book of the same title which bemoans foibles like the Rosestin debacle)=why are mobile phones so flimsy now?! Remember the first mobilephones? The Nokia ‘brick phone’ as it was fondly called could survive totalimmersion in water and being bounced off the ground with force repeatedly. Ifnuclear winter happened only cockroaches and Nokia 1611s will survive! Christ,I’m actually starting to say the words “In my day…” That’s even more depressing than the Roses tin scandal.  

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