Anticipating the arrival of Ryan Adams…

As it says on Wikipedia and iTunes, Ryan Adams is: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH BRYAN ADAMS!!

I have a ticket to go to see alt-country genius, Ryan Adams, when he’s gigging in Ireland in June so I’ve been listening to his music a lot lately on d’Ipod. I think he’s one of the great songwriters of my generation. I’m tempted to write a lengthy piece praising him but as Aldous Huxley wisely said “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”. So I’m goin to let Mr Adams speak for himself, with some of my favourite songs in videos and Youtube links…

From the album Heartbreaker:


Oh my sweet Carolina:

To be young (is to be sad, is to be high):

In my time of need

From Gold:


New York, New York

When the stars go blue

Answering bell

La cienega just smiled

Tina Toledo’s street walkin’ blues

From Demolition:

Cry on demand


From Love is Hell:

English girls approximately:

Hotel Chelsea Nights

Love is hell

From Cold Roses:

Sweet illusions:

When will come back home?:

Cherry Lane

From Easy Tiger:

Everybody knows:


Two hearts

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