Women of Concern Photo Exhibition/Posters at LCGA

There is a fantastic photographic exhibition featuring projects from Women of Concern, which is visiting the Hunt Museum until March 31. It was truly moving to see images of the real people getting help and hope from the Irish charity.

It features photos by Marie McCallan of Limerick-based photographic agency, Press 22. Her pictures of ‘pavement dwellers’ in Bangladesh and their survival against the odds were very striking. Two other fine photographers, Kim Haughton and Brenda Fitzsimons, traveled to Ethiopia and Haiti respectively to catalogue Concern’s work.

Each shot is accompanied by the story behind the picture—most of which are harrowing and inspiring in equal measures.

Many of Haughton’s pictures illustrated some of the most frightening situations women in Africa face every day i.e. rape and forced marriages. Fitzsimon’s photos have a solarised effect on them giving a surreal, post-Apocalyptic edge to the scenes of devastation in Haiti after the earthquake.

It reminded me of an exhibition I saw in the post-modern art gallery, the CaixaForum, in Madrid when I was there before Christmas. It focused on vital charity work with children all over the world and connoted through the individuals’ experiences. The portraits were blown up and printed on partitions taller than myself so the detail was incredible.

The Hunt Museum does a 2 for 1 admission deal on Mondays and it’s free from 2 to 6 on Sundays. It costs a fiver for adults on any given day. The exhibition is in the gallery space, downstairs from the reception/giftshop.

Kim Haughton is also doing a free lunchtime lecture at the Hunt Museum at 1pm on March 25.

Posters at LCGA
I went down to the LCGA Off-Site to check out the Michael O’Connor Poster Collection, which was really interesting. There were a lot of German examples and some great designs. The one gripe I had was that there were no labels beside the posters to identify origin or designer. I took a few snaps but I don’t think I did it justice! The exhibition is on until Wednesday 16.

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