Christmas 09-The Easter bunny’s funeral and the day after tomorrow…

Despite numerous attempts at trying to do myself in with alcohol poisoning, I survived Christmas. It was a good one. Notable mentions include Limerick Races on St Stephens’ Day. Last year passed in a blur of queuing for the bar and making jokes about a horse called ‘My Fella’ and although it was quieter this year due to the big freeze, we passed it in a blur of queuing for the bar and making jokes about a horse called ‘Some Dude’. I also had my annual good night in the Icon. To think it only requires 10 hours of drinking beforehand!

Another great night had to be the fancy dress New Year’s in Ballybunion. Snowmen, Snap/Crackle/Pop, rollerskate Barbie (she even survived on the skates)…it was like the Easter Bunny’s funeral at the house party. Inspired by the races, five of us dressed as jockeys (we got some serious mileage out of those jokes), complete with hobby horses with sound effects. It was the first time that horses were allowed in either The Exchange or JD’s so we made the most of it.

Christmas is generally quiet for news but 2009 was fairly eventful. I know we’re always talking about the weather in this country but it gets more and more like ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ every day here! Ireland’s not equipped to deal with any kind of extreme. Maybe they could have gritted the roads with the sand from all the sandbags lying around. I reckon we should be ready for a heatwave this summer or or given the recent destructive trends, a tornado/hurricane.

Also, another furore over TV3 reporting that Brian Lenihan has cancer. As a journalist, I think the self righteous tone of some complaints is a bit much. The report could have been a little more sensitive and it would have been preferable to have waited another few days but I don’t think any news outlet can ignore a story like that if it has the info. Would it have been more palatable if RTE broke it?
I’m not sure if there was collaboration/consultation with the minister but that would have been an important element. It would have eventually been revealed one way or another. Nothing is sacred anymore and that’s as much down to demand and the people who consume news media as those who produce it.

It’s easy to say that someone being sick isn’t news but the fact is, if a public figure/celebrity is seriously ill, it is. Jade Goody? Many misdiagnoses/treatment stories about ordinary people have been front page news. The minister has issued a statement and is entitled to privacy but I think his humility and determination will actually be inspiring to many.

Anyway, the festivities are over and it’s back to the national past-time, all day, every day=complaining!! Stay tuned for plenty of that on the blog for 2010. It’s as close to a New Year’s resolution as I’ll get.

One thought on “Christmas 09-The Easter bunny’s funeral and the day after tomorrow…

  1. Once again, the views of the Lindo and the Leader diverge on one of the major issues of the day. If we keep this up, there'll just have to be some sort of cataclysmic throw-down in the middle of O'Connell Street. I'll bring my mace.

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