Just felt compelled to reproduce these two brilliant comic strips from ‘Cyanide and Happiness’ on The balloon-boy reference is very clever.They do tend to cut fairly close when it comes to decency so not for the easily offended. If you can’t accept that sometimes it’s wrong to laugh but you have to anyway, then you probably just need a sense of humour transplant. Some day, there’ll be a registered charity for that…

Any road, C&H add a new strip every day but it’s fun to do the random selection of the archives too. One of my favourites is of a besuited stick man version of Justin Timberlake walking up to a shop assistant and saying ‘I’m bringin sexy back’. She replies ‘No returns without a reciept’ and the last panel has him saying ‘You motherf***ers don’t know how to act’. Genius.

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