Two Minute Hate

I’m having one of those days and a scene from the book ‘1984’ jumped into my head just now. The ‘two minute hate’ was a daily period where party members from Oceania “must watch a film depicting The Party’s enemies (notably Emmanuel Goldstein and his followers) and express their hatred for them and the principles of democracy”. Far from being a bad thing, I think we should incorporate such an event into our daily lives.

Okay, so democracy doesn’t piss me off that much but by God, other stuff does. I’m so filled with ennui and distaste at this moment that I can’t even be bothered to discuss the various incidents of stupidity and ignorance I’ve come across so far this week.

Long story short—I think an allocated venting period would actually be very helpful and thanks to the world we live in there’d be no shortage of footage for the video.

In San Diego, one clever woman—obviously having been pushed to the edges of her sanity more than once—came up with a business where you pay to rent a room and they supply you with breakables to bounce off walls etc. They also have speakers that can blare any angry music you like and give you permanent markers to create effigies on the plates you’re smashing.

It’ll be a happy day when that appears on ‘Dragon’s Den’…

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